$500.00 / month


    Product Description

    Initial investment: $900

    • Initial CRO Campaign (First Month) CRO & UX Assets
      1. 2 CRO or UX asset
    • Monthly ongoing CRO & UX Assets
      1. 1 CRO or UX asset
    • 200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
    • Online project management scheduling
    • Initial heatmap and click stream testing and analysis : Up to 4 pages
    • Conversion tracking code setup
    • Confirmation/thank you page setup
    • Goal funnels setup-Initial Analytics+ reporting
    • Initial Conversion Audit- What Portions of site to Test/Optimize for conversions + Optimization Suggestions

    CRO & UX Assets Consist of

    • Setup of website heatmaps
    • Setup of visitor click tracking recording
    • Setup of visitor website questionnaire (on website)
    • Page scroll reporting
    • Page load time reporting
    • Executive summary on conversion maximization
    • Top page bounce report with recommendations
    • Top navigational funnel with visitor bounce recommendations
    • Raw heatmap data provided
    • Reporting on visitor focus group findings
    • Creation of visitors “script” for testing
    • Usability Questionnaire for independent testers (unique testers per questionnaire)
    • “5 second test” on top landing pages
    • Creation of timed task test questionnaire (unique testers per questionnaire)
    • Product perception questionnaire (unique testers per questionnaire)
    • Web forms analytics and reporting
    • Google optimize
    • Video of website user experience provided
    • Performance test reporting
    • Conversion reporting
    • Google ads landing page conversion audit (one time)
    • Incoming traffic analysis
    • Additional CRO & UX Assets= $400 each
    • Initial Setup Month 1 : $900
    • User Experience Testing & Implementation Ongoing Investment : $500/month


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