• Pageview Range (Monthly average) 200-300k
    • Target Audience Reach
    • Demographic and Interest Research
    • Influencer Strategy Development
    • Vetting Influencers
    • Hiring & Contracting Influencers

    Communicating with Influencers

    • Dedicated Outreach specialist to ensure brand standards and key messages are upheld
    • Fact checking before publication for factual inaccuracies and brand misrepresentation
    • Development of creative brief with key messages
    • Influencer matching report (pick your publisher)
    • Google analytics setup w/ conversion tracking
    • Competitor intelligence report
    • Targeted keyword research
    • Keyword rank checking
    • Ongoing monthly traffic with pixel tracking & Goal reporting
    • Personal consultation with Influencer SME
    • Influencer Content Recycling


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