Amazon Launch Service Advanced


    + Amazon Ad Management

    • Addition of products to Amazon : Up to 70 products
    • Category and Subcategory Suggestions
    • Amazon Store Creation and Optimization (If client is brand registered)
    • Review Best Practices Guide
    • Amazon Fee Structure Training Guide
    • Review Response Framework Developed
    • Product Description Copywriting 1 page per product
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Amazon Buy Box Win Support
    • Amazon Store Design (Brand Registered Clients Only)
    • Brand Registry Support
    • Enhanced Brand Content Suggestions (Sellers Only)
      Implementation of suggestions is an additional fee of $200 per page
    • A+ Content Suggestions (Vendors Only)
    • Amazon PPC Monthly Ad Spend Required with Amazon Store & Marketplace Launch : $2,001-$6,000
    • Amazon PPC Progressive Monthly Management Cost Required with Amazon Store & Marketplace Launch : $2,500/mo. or 28% of ad spend, whichever is greater
    • One Time Setup (Over two months) :$4000


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