Real Estate

We understand the competitive landscape in real estate and know what it takes to grow and flourish.

Real Estate

Just Listing and praying for finalizing a deal does not get you anywhere as a realtor. Similarly just using one strategy and not monitoring and tweeking the tactics is just not productive and will not drive results and high ROI.

DigAptics Digital Marketing is a high-tech agency that puts people first. We deliver best-in-class results for our realtors and their clients. It begins with a 360-degree conversation about you. We’ll learn all about your business, your goals, your ideas, and your customers. Then we’ll work together to make an idea that gets the powerful growth results you would like.
Real Estate marketing is a very customized work. No two digital marketing plans are exactly alike.

At DigAptics we use data centric approach to real estate marketing to generate more leads and more sales out of your web page, PPC, and social media marketing. DigAptics is your secret weapon for getting the results you would like. Call us to urge started on the trail to faster growth.

Services We Offer

Real Estate SEO

SEO is what determines whether people find your listing from a Google search. It also determines how your websites rank against competitor pages. So we make it our business to diagnose and fix any SEO issues we find on your site. Then we figure out what SEO terms you should rank for, and build a road to get you to Page 1 on Google.

Email marketing

Acquire, build, and engage your list of contacts and prospects with engaging, high-converting email campaigns tailored for real estate.

Real Estate Website & Mobile App Development

⦁ Optimizing your website’s look, feel, and structure is an essential part of your digital presence. If your website isn’t responsive by design, you’re overlooking a lot of traffic and sales from mobile phone users. We can redesign your site to be mobile-friendly.
⦁ Enterprise & Software Development

Real Estate BPO services

⦁ Credentialing
⦁ Pay Roll
⦁ Accounting & Financials
⦁ Customer Service

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing needs careful planning and constant optimization. At DigAptics, we are always at work to both set up and fine-tune your campaigns. We’ll make sure your social media ads stay on budget. And we deliver the best possible conversion rate for your campaigns with constant A/B testing, targeting, and audience building.

Real Estate PPC

Just like social media ads, without the right planning and optimization, your search and PPC advertising can end up costing a lot and paying very little. Our team knows how to make PPC marketing pay off for real estate. We zero in on the content and keywords most likely to convert. Then we set up smart audiences and timing, and keep adjusting till the ROI is sound.

Real Estate Content Writing

Aside from building a responsive, mobile-first web design for your site, the DigAptics Content Marketing team can create blogs, landing page copy, social media ads, and other advertising assets for your small business marketing plan. Our designers and copywriters can work with you to establish a consistent brand presence across all your marketing channels. Create a steady cadence of authoritative, relevant, and search-optimized content with our dedicated real estate content writers.

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Why Partner with DigAptics?

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Attract more buyers with DigAptics strategies
  • Engage clients with various tools and evidence based methodologies and Increase closings.
  • Increase you word of mouth and Reputation in community locally and digitally.
  • Strategies to increase referrals
  • Become leader in your arena of niche business

How we can make a difference?

Engagement leads to Rapport & Repeat Purchases & Increased Word Of Mouth

Harness the power of the World Wide Web and digital marketing to create vibrant, engaging customer communities. Doing this will not only increase search traffic for your business, but also result in higher conversion rates, and greater engagement with business websites and social media efforts.

Customer Volume Increased

We can help you create customer-focused web communities and showcase customer tips as well as personal stories of your customers and members of staff on your web properties.


Whether your business is large or small, consistency is the real secret for success in today’s competitive marketplace. Through our digital marketing, DigAptics helps your business set a consistent tone and deliver a focused message in all areas of your service.

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