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Higher education marketing is about developing strategies that will generate more leads and applications for your institution. DigAptics is your secret weapon for getting the results you want. Call us to get started on the path to faster growth

What is Higher Education Marketing?

The norms of higher education is in a rapidly evolving phase. In a time when high school graduates are not looking for just a stamp of approval but also their own ROI, it becomes difficult to recruit and enroll students when a good percentage of students are open to other routes of pursuing careers. This is of no surprise, as the horror of burdensome tuition loans crippling the backs of their seniors have given a bad taste and they, the millennials just don’t want to follow in the same path. The institutes that understood the change that was being demanded responded earlier with online education platforms for authentic degrees with lower tuition and flexibility. However the challenge arose on how to create and maintain the reputation, enrollment and retention of students online on the World Wide Web. That’s where DigAptics can help, whether you’re a vocational institute, private school, tuition center, or an IVY league higher education institute, our experienced professionals who know the higher education marketing best practices to get more leads and more sales out of your social media marketing, web content, and PPC.

Higher education marketing is not just for bolstering enrollment numbers but also for brand creation and making the brand more visible and credible.

Our Solutions for Education Industry

Creative Services

UI/UX design based Web Presence

  • A/B, Multivariate, and Split URL Testing
  • Display Media Design
  • Brochure Design
  • HTML Email Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Video Marketing
Course Design

DigAptics offers our partners, complete instructional design, course production, and course integration into your LMS (learning management system). We match the right instructional designers to your program and work in close collaboration with your faculty and/or instructional design staff to develop engaging, high quality online courses that meet the standards of online education and satisfaction of the students.

Small Business PPC

Just like social media ads, without the proper planning and optimization, your search and PPC advertising can find yourself low ROI. Our team knows the way to make PPC marketing pay off for little businesses. We assess and microscopically assess content and keywords that has higher chances to convert based on our data, research, and experience. After the initial setup we fine monitor and fine tune to further increase ROI.

Digital Marketing

Most of your prospective students are on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn – thanks to widespread Internet access and digital media. DigAptics has a team of social media experts that will help you target potential students and gain positive exposure on social media platforms.

Enrollment Services

DigAptics hires and trains dedicated enrollment representatives as a part of our Online Enrollment Service. The enrollment officer is an extension of your institute who is trained very carefully in our methodologies to increase enrollment for your institute. The Representative works with student in all phases of their education experience from enrollment, applying, acceptance, financial aid and any other guidance that the student needs to have a better experience at your institute which increases retention of not only that student but boosts your reputation.

  • Screening and Hiring Process
  • Training
  • Program Overview Materials
  • CRM Software Training
  • Secure and Streamlined Application Development
  • Registration Support
Recruitment Services

We use our years of experience in Higher Education digital marketing with the right strategy all the aspects and tools in our arsenal to target and attract students, increase brand awareness, improve reputation and maintain it , and ultimately not only increase enrollment but also increase retention.

  • Search Engine Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) management
  • Pay per click or PPC will be one of the main components of your higher education

marketing campaign. These paid ads are designed to retarget students who are looking for programs that are also offered in your school. DigAptics will ensure you’ll have a well-oiled paid search campaign on your hands.

  • Daily management of campaigns
  • Campaign analytics
  • Continuous testing and optimization across paid and organic channels
  • Keyword targeting
  • Content creation
  • Our content specialists will provide whatever you need, from research and writing to publishing to your website
Retention Services
  • Admissions Counseling
  • On-boarding Student Support/Orientation
  • Post-Enrollment Outreach
  • Assignment and Attendance Monitoring
  • Ongoing Student Feedback and Program Research

Executive Level Reporting

We can report using innovative software, the cost per students marketing and ROI.

Technological Evolution

  • We are a Digital Marketing and Technology Firm so it comes natural to us to be able to provide any necessary technical tools that can amplify your your distant teaching reach and improving student experience.
  • Intranets (customization, development, and managing)
  • Web Portal (customization and integrations)
  • Mobile App development

Reputation Management

Quantifying any improvement of a Higher education reputation is difficult. However, there’s no doubt that establishing your higher education institution as a valuable student resource and increasing overall reputation can provide long-term benefits. DigAptics will help you highlight your institution’s strengths and establish you as an industry leader. Instead of waiting for students to come to you, they’ll come to you instead.

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Why Partner with DigAptics?

  • Education Marketing
  • Attract more students with DigAptics strategies
  • Attract more customers with DigAptics strategies
  • Engage Customers with various tools and evidence based methodologie
  • Increase you word of mouth and Reputation in community locally and digitally
  • Strategies to increase referrals
  • Become leader in your arena of niche business

Why choose DigAptics for Higher Education Marketing?

In this era of digital marketing, it’s a good idea to connect with individuals before they even become eligible for higher education. Marketing campaigns should be designed to engage prospects right from their school days. Early engagement promotes adequate brand awareness among your prospective students.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Personalized Marketing Approach
  • Higher Enrollment Rates
  • Measurable form of Marketing
  • Updated Marketing Trends
  • Fresh set of Perspectives
  • Experienced Skillset in Niche of Higher Education marketing

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