Whether you’re looking to introduce a product or feature, provide customers with a real-world experience in the digital space, or just stay connected, we’ll work with you to leverage the latest digital tools and thinking for your brand. We also can cater to all your sales pipeline from lead generation, hot lead appointment settings, to full marketing services.

What is DigAptics B2B division?

B2B marketing relies on brand recognition linked to content that educates, shows expertise, builds trust, and promotes product in a solution-oriented way. At DigAptics we use an Omni channel approach to bring your brand and company/business to the next level using data centric approach, human touch infused with best practices, our own experience and latest and best technologies. By closely collaborating with our clients, we build successful B2B marketing strategies that achieve optimal results.

With the competitive landscape and the shifting and evolving practices of businesses to accommodate the digital era, it is essential for the B2B industry to move faster to catch up to the technology centered and data centric best practices to grow. B2B companies are relying more and more on digital experiences to transform their businesses. With technology evolving, events that used to be held exclusively in person are moving online. Tradeshows can now be attended virtually and, potentially, by more people than in the past. Meanwhile, companies can also offer their customers a chance to view products and features digitally or provide videos to showcase goods and services.

Technology also allows you to offer better customer experiences and is an opportunity for retention and repeat purchases. It’s important that your customers’ experience is seamless across all devices and tactics, whether it’s in real life or the online world. In addition, digital offerings like social media management, adding chatbots to your site, implementing CRM systems, and facilitating email marketing, among others, can strengthen communications.

DigAptics Digital Marketing is a high-tech agency that puts people first. We deliver best-in-class results for our B2B clients. It begins with a 360-degree conversation about you. We’ll learn all about your business, your goals, your ideas, and your customers. Then we’ll work together to create a plan that gets the powerful growth results you need.

How DigAptics can help you grow?

Sales Pipe line

Lead Generation

⦁ Optimize and set your digital presence for Success
⦁ Potential Leads Contact information searched
⦁ Cold calling (outbound and Inbound lead generation)
⦁ Finding Decision makers within organizations and cultivating relationships
⦁ Explaining your products and Services and nurturing leads till their ready to push the button

Appointment Setting

⦁ After priming and nurturing a hot lead, setting up an appointment for a meet or remote conversation

Marketing Services

⦁ LinkedIn Lead boost
⦁ Ongoing SEO services
⦁ Social Media Marketing and Management
⦁ Marketing Collaterals
⦁ Email Marketing
⦁ Coupon Marketing
⦁ Video Production
⦁ Reputation Management
⦁ Ad Campaigns initiation and management

Brand Identity

Logo Design
CAD Models
Business cards
Print Packaging/Print Collaterals
Billboards/ Banners/Ads

Sales Platform Consulting

⦁ Salesforce consulting
⦁ Amazon Consulting
⦁ Shopify Consulting
⦁ Alibaba Consulting


Website Creation

⦁ Custom coded unique websites to CRM based fast delivered websites, DigAptics have your covered
⦁ SEO optimized development
⦁ UI/UX as a core for all our development

Mobile App creation

⦁ iOS, Andorid , or Windows we got specialist in each type
⦁ Native App development or Hybrid/cross platform development

Software’s and Intranet

⦁ Need a CRM, ERP, or a customized intranet to cater to your specific company needs, we have developers experienced in various platforms and languages to deliver the best product and best guidance for your vision and needs.

Blockchain Implementation

⦁ Whether its cryptocurrency capabilities or using block chain for its ledger capabilities for marketing or logistics, we know how to integrate it into your existing infrastructure or build you a whole new one.

Machine Learning & AI implementation

⦁ Stay ahead of the curve and integrate machine learning and Artificial intelligence in your business practices. We can help and share what leading companies in your industry and sector are doing and adopting to be prepared for the future.

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Why Partner with DigAptics?

Build Target Markets

  • Identify the top companies and key decision-makers within your exclusive area.
Research and Collect Data

  • Collect important data on key decision-makers to assist in future messaging and sales strategy.
Increase Digital Presence and Brand Awareness

  • Nurture prospects to deliver key differentiators and set your company up as the clear choice for when they are ready to meet.
  • Connect you and your Hot Lead

Brand Strategy

  • Audit and Research
    Identify elements in your current digital and physical presence that can use a boost. Do research on what your specific industry requires and what your audience expects. Collect data and create a strategy draft
  • Understand More about YOU and YOUR company
    Understand your goals, needs and expectations. Share our finds and experience and give the best advice and action plan
  • Implementing DigAptics Experience, Tools and Resources for your success
    We are a multichannel tech and marketing company. We will use our expertise in both the sectors to morph a strategy and implement it for taking your company and business to new heights.

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