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Sell More Cars with DigAptics Automotive Digital Marketing

We are experts in both the new and buy here pay here sectors. DigAptics Digital Presence is a tech agency that puts people first. We deliver best-in-class results for our Automotive clients. It begins with a 360-degree conversation about you. We’ll learn all about your business, your goals, your niche automotive inventory, and your customers. Then we’ll work together to create a plan that gets the powerful growth results you need.

New Car Dealers

We know the automotive industry. From the best customer engagement techniques, to submitting for COOP funds, we have the experience you need to dominate the market. Our proven strategies will help you exceed sales goals and outperform the competition

Used Car Dealers

We have years of pre-owned experience. We’ve been working with used car dealerships from the start. Buy-Here Pay-Here stores make up some of our oldest and most successful clients. We deliver real & actionable leads from motivated buyers for a better close rate and a big boost for your business.

With the competitive landscape and the evolving digital and car vending machine era, it is essential for the automotive industry to move faster to catch up to the technology centered and data centric best practices in order to remain competitive and grow. Being data centric and technology backed will allow you to make better decisions, deliver better customer experiences, and achieve better results. Whether in future small competitors are in the horizon or big global Conglomerates like carvana or amazon, let DigAptics stand by you and face the future as partners.

How DigAptics can help you grow?

Sales Pipe line

Lead Generation

⦁ Optimize and set your digital presence for Success
⦁ Potential Leads Contact information searched
⦁ Cold calling (outbound and Inbound lead generation)
⦁ Finding Decision makers within organizations and cultivating relationships
⦁ Explaining your products and Services and nurturing leads till their ready to push the button

Appointment Setting

⦁After priming and nurturing a hot lead, setting up an appointment for a meet or remote conversation


Marketing Services

⦁LinkedIn Lead boost
⦁Ongoing SEO services
⦁Social Media Marketing and Management
⦁Marketing Collaterals
⦁Email Marketing
⦁Coupon Marketing
⦁Video Production
⦁Reputation Management
⦁Ad Campaigns initiation and management

Brand Identity

⦁Logo Design
⦁CAD Models
⦁Business cards
⦁Print Packaging/Print Collaterals
⦁Billboards/ Banners/Ads

Sales Platform Consulting

⦁Salesforce consulting
⦁Amazon Consulting
⦁Shopify Consulting
⦁Alibaba Consulting
⦁Dealer Website

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Why Partner with DigAptics

Like you, we also have a process that guides our work to ensure we deliver solutions that help you meet your objectives & goals. Developing successful campaigns means understanding where you are now, where you want to go, and just how to get there. We’ll take all of this into account to develop a unique strategies tailored to you. We take the time to understand what’s important to you and the audiences you’re looking to reach in order to help your automotive company grow

At the heart of creating marketing for the automotive industry is a deep understanding of the people, processes, and automotive that make each business unique. Our experts not only understand that a dealer for Ferrari has different needs from a dealer of a used police cars. Each dealership used or new, requires a much unique strategy. No matter what category your car dealership lies under, we can build the right marketing approach to make sure your target customers think of your dealership whenever they are in the market for a vehicle

⦁ Maximize your Marketing ROI
⦁ Steady Customer Leads
⦁ Engage Customers with various tools and evidence based methodologies
⦁ Increase you word of mouth and Reputation in community locally, internationally and digitally
⦁ Strategies to increase referrals

Why Partner with DigAptics?

Build Target Markets

  • Identify the top companies and key decision-makers within your exclusive area.
Research and Collect Data

  • Collect important data on key decision-makers to assist in future messaging and sales strategy.
Increase Digital Presence and Brand Awareness

  • Nurture prospects to deliver key differentiators and set your company up as the clear choice for when they are ready to meet.
  • Connect you and your Hot Lead

Brand Strategy

  • Audit and Research
    Identify elements in your current digital and physical presence that can use a boost. Do research on what your specific industry requires and what your audience expects. Collect data and create a strategy draft
  • Understand More about YOU and YOUR company
    Understand your goals, needs and expectations. Share our finds and experience and give the best advice and action plan
  • Implementing DigAptics Experience, Tools and Resources for your success
    We are a multichannel tech and marketing company. We will use our expertise in both the sectors to morph a strategy and implement it for taking your company and business to new heights.

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Small Business

Higher Education


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